Rebloom LTension Creamuxury Aquvo , Rebloom LUXURY HASTEN Skin Repair Cream
Rebloom LTension Creamuxury Aquvo , Rebloom LUXURY HASTEN Skin Repair Cream
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Rebloom Luxury Aquvo Tension Cream , Rebloom LUXURY HASTEN Skin Repair Cream

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Rebloom LTension Creamuxury Aquvo
Rebloom LTention Creamury Aquvo
Rebloom LUXURY HASTEN Skin Repair Cream
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Rebloom Aqua Tension Cream
"Extremely moisturizing cream that doesn't lose its moisture even when toasted"

Moisture!! Glow!! Water!! Honey!!!
We'll help you find the healthy glow that you can't find no matter what product you use~.
Everyone knows that you need to prepare before the cold wind blows so that you can prepare for dryness.

In the morning, apply a thin layer and apply makeup.
In the evening, apply it generously like a sleeping pack and go to sleep, and it will be moisturized until morning .

Recommended for these people❣
✔Those who can't settle on any cream
✔Skin with severe skin pulling,
Rough, inelastic, and dry skin
Sensitive and easily reddened skin
✔Those who want a natural-looking, honey glow.
Highly recommended!!!

 Moisturizing skin energy + Skin barrier strengthening + Skin tension + Iron wall moisturizing + Aging prevention

Let's manage beautifully with natural ingredients!
#NaturalMinerals #OceanDeepWater & JadeWater #NaturallySoothingElements #NutritionCare #MoisturizingShield

Benefits of deep ocean water
→ Contains minerals, magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc. to help strengthen skin barrier
→ Moisturizing and soothing effect on redness, sensitive skin, and inflamed skin

*Jade Water (Nephrite Extract)
→ Contains a large amount of minerals to increase water retention
→ Increases skin elasticity
→ Whitening, swelling reduction, blood circulation, waste removal

Aquotension Cream is

 5 types of hyaluronic acid fill the space between skin layers to strengthen the skin's immune system.

 3 types of fermented filtrate are included to increase skin immunity, moisturize, protect skin, and anti-aging

 It also contains 7 peptides that increase elasticity


💚Ribble Hayson Skin Repair Cream

What products do you use after a dermatological procedure ?
On days when the skin is injured, it is essential to apply products that increase skin regeneration~.
With regenerating creams selected by skin shops, hospitals, and estheticians, you can restore your skin even on days without dermatological procedures.
You can restore your skin by managing it at home : )

It's also great for days when you're out and about.

-How to use
1. Take an appropriate amount of Hayson Skin Repair Cream and spread it evenly on the skin.
2. Wrap your palms around your skin to absorb it well.
3. Use at the last step of your skincare routine and apply lightly after extruding pimples.

Recommended for these people❣
✔Sensitive skin, problem skin, dry skin, aging skin, post-procedure skin
Those who suffer from skin that has been weakened by external stimuli
✔After dermatologic laser / MTS treatment
Those with itchy and dry skin
✔Dry skin that needs moisturizing

#Problem skin #Injured skin #Sensitive skin #Regeneration of skin


➡Create a healthy skin environment with mild acidity

➡ Contains high concentration of Centella asiatica ortho-extract

➡ Contains beta-glucan, allantoin, squalane, panthenol

➡ Contains 7 kinds of sprout extracts, naturally occurring extracts

➡ Contains golden powder


Ribble Hayson Skin Repair Cream is a

small particles and fast absorption help repair damaged skin quickly

 Damage-reducing regenerating cream to be applied over skin that has been sensitized by procedures

Dual function of whitening and wrinkle improvement


 It is effective in discharging waste, soothing, and strengthening skin barriers with jade spring water and deep ocean water